Combining Scholarship and Recovery

Danger in the Land of Booze, Dope, and Pills

There is a growing trend on our nation’s college campuses: programs to support students who’ve completed treatment for substance-abuse and are committed to a healthy recovery. Can they do both? Succeed … Read the rest

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CBT Helps Prevent Postpartum OCD

Postpartum Depression and Emotional Disorders

For many years now, we’ve heard about the problems postpartum depression can cause a new mother and, consequently, her family. You may have even experienced difficulties yourself from the perspective of a new mom or … Read the rest

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Is Your Spouse or Partner Bad for Your Health

Effect of Long-Term Relationships

While many studies have shown the advantages and health benefits of being married or in a long-term committed relationship (e.g., lowering risk of cardiovascular disease), new research indicates that these same relationships may contribute to acquiring … Read the rest

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