Weight Loss in NYC and Exercise

Weight Loss Treatment

Weight loss is a common goal for all Americans. It is even something that many people have done successfully- for a time. But the data indicate that most people who lose weight regain it, and some times even additional weight.

Many people have an extensive knowledge of nutrition and are very experienced with physical exercise. While those two domains are critical to weight loss and maintenance, most of us have discovered that knowledge in these areas is not adequate to successfully maintain a significant weight loss. There are numerous reasons for this, depending on each individual’s unique circumstances.

It is unlikely that the primary cause is not knowing what wonder supplement or new exercise trend to embrace. Typically there are emotional and psychological mechanisms that prevent people from maintaining long-term motivation and compliance with their nutritional and physical activity targets. That is where an effective, experienced clinician may be able to help. Through careful analysis of the emotional, relationship, cognitive, and behavioral domains we identify the mechanisms responsible for the behaviors that lead to weight gain. We work to eliminate the suffering caused from self-blame and establish lifestyle changes that promote health and greater life satisfaction. Maintaining a significant weight loss is possible. Perhaps more important, many clients become more accepting and satisfied with themselves and their lives, not because of the weight loss, but through the therapy process.