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road rage

Anger Management Therapy for Road Rage

Why are so many people irate when they are driving?

Road rage is a serious problem in the United States.  Property damage, serious injuries, and in some cases even death have occurred as a result of road rage incidents.

Given the severity of the consequences, it is a problem that deserves attention.  People with anger problems who are at risk for committing acts of road rage can be effectively treated with anger management.  A number of studies indicate that with scientifically supported anger management, anger and aggressive acts can be reduced often times with treatment lasting 16 weeks or less. Unfortunately many of these individuals only enroll in therapy after a road rage incident and a court mandates therapy.

Finding ways to encourage drivers to utilize these services perhaps by insurance rate reductions or other means is something that could be considered.

Road Rage Video on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer

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Katie Couric

Katie Couric asks Dr. J. Ryan Fuller about Bad Habits that could be Good for you

Katie Couric asks Dr. J. Ryan Fuller about bad habits that could be good for you.  Dark chocolate, wine, cocktails, coffee, procrastination, and napping are included. It turns out that many things we have been told impair our health may be beneficial. But the amount of the food or beverage may matter, or the outcome of particular behaviors, e.g., procrastination. The interview of Dr. J. Ryan Fuller by Katie Couric explains further why some bad habits can be good for you.


holiday stress

Stress Management for Dealing with Family and Holiday Eating

Dr. Ryan Fuller on how planning ahead can help you avoid stressful situations.

Download the Predict, Plan, and Prepare worksheet.  This simple stress management technique is called the 3 P’s.  It is simple, but easy to forget, so having this worksheet as a concrete reminder may help you to reduce your stress levels around family, holiday stress, or any circumstance.  Using it regularly may really help prevent your stress from becoming overwhelming. More information about holiday stress and potential stress, eating challenges and other stress brought on by travel.

Stress and Social Isolation

Accused Murderer, George Zimmerman, Demonstrated Erratic Behaviors and Social Isolation

Chronic stress can lead to overactivation of the sympathetic nervous system.  A cascade of effects impact various domains of functioning.  Sleep, appetite, and sexual functioning can be disrupted.  Stress is a general reaction, but typically emotional labels are associated with high levels of stress.  People may report feeling anxious and worried, or run down and exhausted when chronic stress has persisted.  Impaired judgement and other cognitive deficits may be associated with prolonged stress levels, which may create a positive feedback loop, as one poor decision leads to another.  If significant changes in weight, appetite, sleep, social isolation, or impulsivity occur, professional help may be warranted.

NBC News

NBC News Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal and Rehab

NBC News interviews psychologist regarding behaviors in the public eye.

Dr. Fuller was featured on a segment on NBC news about how sexting and potential compulsive behaviors may emotionally impact individuals. Recent coverage of Anthony Weiner’s mayoral race has raised this issue.  Social media and technology both create the potential for compulsive behaviors, and mechanisms by which such behaviors may become public.  Identifying the most effective treatments for compulsive use of smart phones, social media apps, and the internet in general may be critical to our mental health.

Dr. Ryan Fuller interviewed on NBC about  New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, Sexting, Rehab, and Powerful Men Cheating

Chris Brown Violence

Chris Brown Anger Management Incident

Anger Management Interview

Chris Brown was interviewed about his new album, F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies) on Good Morning America yesterday.

Forgiveness is a difficult concept for individuals, clinicians, and even scientists (although some of the physiological studies on forgiveness are fascinating). Reports indicate that there was a significant anger outburst following a line of questions by Robin Roberts about the domestic violence case involving Rihanna from a few years ago.

Unlike a mood disorder like major depression, where sufferers often experience episodes that may pass (although they may reoccur later), anger disorders can be chronic if left untreated. Anger is an emotion that can be incredibly adaptive given the right set of conditions. I often reference Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) as an example of a prosocial use of anger to help produce considerable positive changes in society. And it is clear that anger can provide the energy and action tendencies that helped our ancestors survive when they were defending themselves against a competitor. And many times, anger will go away on its own when it isn’t avoided or left unchecked. But, for those of us who really struggle- anger experiences, grudges, rumination, etc. can go on for decades.

In today’s modern society anger is still incredibly common, which is what makes it particularly difficult to understand. If we all experience it, unlike major depression, how can it be that it is abnormal? And that is just it, anger isn’t abnormal. But, for those of us who aren’t able to fully experience and tolerate it without engaging in self-destructive (or aggressive) acts to dissipate it, it can be associated with all kinds of detrimental outcomes including violence, heart attacks, drug abuse, GI problems, bad relationships, etc.

Fortunately, similar to major depression, there is scientific evidence that anger problems can be successfully treated. There are four techniques that have support, and I believe a few more methods will likely demonstrate effectiveness soon.

1)Relaxation Training
2)Cognitive Restructuring (questions remain about mechanisms)
3)Problem Solving
4)Communication Skills

These have all shown significant treatment success. So, there is reason to believe any of us, or our loved ones can find some help, if anger has become a problem. Unfortunately, many methods still used by clinicians may even make things worse, so it is always important to ask a therapist what techniques they are using and what scientific evidence supports that approach.

Above is a quick video link to an interview The Daily conducted yesterday about the specific incident, but it isn’t intended to reference too many specifics, because those are largely unknown. Rather it is intended to address general issues regarding anger management, and how celebrities may have to deal with things a little differently (This was an interesting line of questions by the journalist that hasn’t been asked before). But, it is clear that in this day and age, celebrities often focus our attention on serious societal issues. Anger management from a cognitive behavioral therapist can be scheduled by contacting a specialist at New York Behavioral Health.

Road Rage Parking

Dr. Ryan Fuller on Good Morning America- Road Rage Erupts Without Anger Management Skills

Road Rage Erupts Without Anger Management Skills

Road rage erupts without anger management skills.  John Berman of ABC News interviewed clinical psychologist, Dr. J. Ryan Fuller, about how anger and aggression can arise while driving and parking, and how the nervous system and evolutionary psychology may explain particular risk factors for road rage and other forms of violence.

New York City resident, Mr. Oscar Fuller, faces seven years in prison after punching a woman over a parking space. Typically violence related to automobiles is known as road rage and stems from driving behaviors.

This recent tragedy erupted after a woman was standing in a parking space and saving it for her boyfriend. This resulted in Oscar Fuller punching her and she is now in a coma.

Watch Good Morning America Video Here