Dr. J. Ryan Fuller is a New York licensed clinical psychologist with extensive training in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT).

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Cognitive Behavioral Theory

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Dr. Fuller is a published author of many articles on behavioral psychology topics.

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Blog Posts

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What Clients Say

Dr. Fuller is a highly competent and empathetic practitioner of CBT. I’ve had a very good experience with Dr. Fuller and recommended him to others.
S.B., Therapy Client
I have been regularly seeing Dr. Fuller for 4 years. He is amazing, caring, and has been instrumental in helping me through some extremely turbulent personal times over the years.
G.C., Therapy Client
Dr. Fuller has been terrific in helping me get through my own mental laundry and setting goals.  What I love about Dr. Fuller is that he’s flexible.  It’s not just about weight loss or “therapy” per se, it’s really what is helpful to you.
G.F., Therapy Client
I’ve been seeing Dr. Fuller for about 9 months to help me lose weight.  I’ve made great progress.  He really understands that losing weight and, more importantly, keeping it off,  is much more complicated than just what you eat.
G.F., Therapy Client

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Dr. Fuller’s Approach to Clinical Psychology

Dr. Fuller specializes in Anger Management and Weight Loss, but the majority of his clinical work focuses on AnxietyDepression, Relationships (Couples Therapy and Family Therapy), Addiction, Compulsions, and Career challenges. Dr. Fuller conducts weekly psychotherapy sessions on these and a number of other topics.

Dr. Fuller lectures and conducts workshops extensively to a wide variety of audiences. Topics covered include Lifestyle Change, Motivation, Procrastination, Successful Communication with Family Members, Time Management and Organization, Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in the Management of Diabetes and other Chronic Health Conditions, Cross-cultural Universals, Behavior Modification, and Effective Anger Management.

Dr. Fuller also trains health professionals in the areas of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), CBT for Couples, Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Addictions, Relaxation Training, Problem Solving, Behavior Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder, and Brief CBT Interventions for Patients in Medical Settings.

Anxiety Treatment, Anger Management, Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression, and Behavioral Weight Loss are all offered in weekly psychotherapy sessions.

He has published in the area of Positive Psychology. Clinically he seeks to reinforce adaptive behaviors; identify, understand, and enhance character strengths, and improve the quality of relationships as well as clarifying values. Overall these steps are taken to improve satisfaction with life, not exclusively reduce clinical symptoms, but help clients live meaningful lives.

Dr. J Ryan Fuller

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