Therapy Testimonials

Therapy Client Review by S.B

“Dr. Fuller is a highly competent and empathetic practitioner of CBT, well versed in and open to other strategies and tools than can and in the successful pursuit of goals to achieve greater satisfaction and self-acceptance with oneself and one’s life. I have had a very good experience with him and have recommended him to others as a result.” Reviewed by S.B. June 12th 2013 Rating 5.0 “highly competent and empathetic…”

Therapy Client Review by G.C.

“I have been regularly seeing Dr. Fuller for 4 years. He is amazing, caring, and has been instrumental in helping me through some extremely turbulent personal times over the years.”

Reviewed by G.C.
November 25th 2013

Rating 5.0

“He is amazing…”

Therapy Client Review by R.S.

Reviewed by R.S.
October 5th 2012

Rating 5.0

Combined Therapy Client Reviews Rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

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About this New York Psychologist

Dr. J Ryan Fuller has published in the areas of anger management and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and is currently the Clinical Director of New York Behavioral Health and is in private practice in New York City, located at 380 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1619 New York, NY 10168. You can find Dr. J Ryan Fuller on Google+ and Twitter.