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Casual Sex

Casual Sex’s Surprising Science

Science of Sex

Casual sex has been on the rise for decades. This has been concerning for many reasons.

But, did you know that 75% of casual sexual encounters may lead to a relationship?

Did you know that 45% of men hoped their last casual sex partner had turned into a steady relationship?

Or what about for those suffering from depression, casual sex may improve their mood (although for those with a healthy social life, they may feel worse)?

Ok- these are the positives, and there are clearly some negatives. Regret and shame are two emotional possibilities, and unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases are also serious risks.

But, this article by Pere Estupinyà sheds light on a side of casual sex that may have been overlooked. This is by no means an endorsement, only an example of how science can uncover aspects of a behavior we may not have previously understood.

In this case, more casual sex may not be a good thing. But it does seem evident the studies (and interview) he references indicate a few things in need of further investigation.

To start, it does sound as though many people are looking for steady relationships, even though they may engage in a “casual” encounter without that in mind.

Is this the healthiest and most effective strategy for initiating a long-term relationship? I believe most of us would assume the answer is no, but it is an empirical question. Perhaps it saves time.

Or perhaps there is a breakdown in our current socialization for us to understand what we really desire, e.g., a long-term relationship, and/or we don’t know how to communicate about that, so instead we end up in casual encounters. Perhaps developing greater self-awareness and effective communication skills could reduce casual encounters, while increasing the number of healthy long-term relationships if that is the goal.

In any event, we have a lot to learn (and I hope we do it quickly) about how changes in the media are impacting our sexual and relationship behaviors.




Women, Men, and Sex- Modern-Day Gender Differences in Human Sexual Response

For as long as we’ve been pondering human sexual behavior, it’s been sort of “common knowledge” that men are just interested in sex (intercourse) and women more often want intimacy. Isn’t that what you’ve always heard? On that note, the results of a newly published international study by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University may surprise a lot of people.

Over 1,000 couples in long-term, committed marriages or relationships—in five countries including the United States—participated in the study. It was not surprising that couples in general expressed more satisfaction if they hugged, kissed, and had sex more often. Sexual satisfaction also increased if they had been together more than 15 years.

Some findings that might not have been anticipated, however, were that, overall, men seemed to desire more cuddling, touching, and kissing than did women . . . and sexual satisfaction was more important to women than to men. Can that really be true? At least for this relatively large sample of stable, long-term relationships, it proved to be so. It certainly does quash the usual stereotype, though, and give us something to think about. Could it be that men (and women) with those particular proclivities have the best chance of developing and maintaining healthy, committed relationships? What do you think?

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