Stress Management for Dealing with Family and Holiday Eating

Dr. Ryan Fuller on ABC discussing Stress Management and Holiday Eating




Download the Predict, Plan, and Prepare worksheet.  This simple stress management technique is called the 3 P’s.  It is simple, but easy to forget, so having this worksheet as a concrete reminder may help you to reduce your stress levels around family, holiday stress, or any circumstance.  Using it regularly may really help prevent your stress from becoming overwhelming. More information about holiday stress and potential stress, eating challenges and other stress brought on by travel.

Stress Management Technique-Predict, Plan, & Prepare for Stress



Dr. J Ryan Fuller has published in the areas of anger management and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and is currently the Clinical Director of New York Behavioral Health and is in private practice in New York City. You can find Dr. J Ryan Fuller on Google+ and Twitter.

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